Door Types for Your Home


There are many different door types for each home. You want to be certain that your doors flow with your home whether they are interior or exterior doors. As you are creating the interior and exterior of your home you will soon realize just how many door types there are to choose from. You want your doors to be a reflection of your home because let’s face it, your home is a reflection of you!

Each door you have in your home serves a different purpose. Some doors lead from the inside to the outside, some lead to pantries filled with food, others lead to bedrooms, and so on. We give you a list of some of the most common doors to hopefully help you decide which will go best in your home.

1.  Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are the most commonly used doors in homes. The door is installed on hinges and swings either in or out to open. These doors are usually held by three to four hinges to support them as they open and close. The only downside to these doors is if they open into a small space such as a small closet, but these are easy to install and fix if a hinge loosens or breaks. There is a reason after all as to why they are the most common door type.

2.  Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are great for spaces that you want a large opening. Some of the most common sliding doors are glass doors that lead out to patios or backyard areas. They create a clean and sleek look as well as not taking up too much space. Sliding doors are also widely used for bedroom closets that do not have space to open and close a hinged style door. Due to the fact that these doors sit on a track and don’t swing open it keeps the space very open.

3.  Barn Doors

If you don’t have a ton of space in a room then using a barn door is a great way to save space! These door types are mounted on the wall and use a track to slide from one side to another. However, these are different from tradition sliding doors which use a track on the top and bottom. Barn doors use only a top track and move completely out of the way onto another wall to save space. These doors also add a nice sense of style into any room. Many people use this style door leading into their bathroom or closets to save space.

4.  Dutch Doors

These door types are pretty quick to spot thanks to their unique style. They are split horizontally and have two different panels for a top and bottom half. Many people utilize these doors as a kitchen door or serving door. These doors are very convenient when you have pets in the house or young children. This can be used as a gate to block off certain areas, such as the kitchen, from young children, but allow you to still keep an eye on them.

5.  Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a type of sliding door that are great for areas with small spaces. This door type allows you to save room by creating a pocket in the wall for the door to slide into. These are often single doors but can be made to have two pockets opposite one another to open even more space. Pocket doors are great for bathrooms and closets where there is not a lot of room.

6.  Pivot Doors

Pivot doors turn on metal rotators on the top and the bottom of the door. This door type is very simple and clean looking. It fits very well in modern homes that want a unique look in their interior or exterior doors. This is also a great style of space saving door to allow you to move the door completely out of the way instead of it opening on a hinge.

7.  Folding Doors

These door types are just multiple doors hinged together that fold into one another. Folding doors are often placed on a track to allow them to hang from the top and easily fold to one side. This style of door is often used for areas that lead to the outside, such as a patio, or kitchens and closets. Folding doors are great because they do not take up too much space within a room.

8.  French Doors

If you are looking for statement doors then French doors are the style you want. Held on hinges this style has two doors that open away from one another and swing into one another to close. These door types provide a lot of natural light and beautiful views in your home. If your home needs a touch of light French doors are a great way to go!

We have only listed 8 different door types, but there are many styles out there to fit your home and your style. When looking to install or replace any doors in your home contact us at Everlasting Window & Door. We provide products from ThermaTru and Door America due to their durability. Depending on the door types you want in your home we strive to find the perfect fit for you!

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