How to Know You Need a Door Replacement


It can be difficult to tell when it’s time for a door replacement in your home. A door replacement probably sounds like a pain to deal with, but we make it quick and easy for you. If your door is having any of the issues below this is a sign that a replacement is needed and soon. Not only will replacing your front door make you feel better, it will make your home look better! This can give your home instant appeal from visitors and potential buyers.

If your home is experiencing any of the items we have listed below call Everlasting Window & Door for your door replacement today.

1.  Dents and Scratches

While dents and scratches don’t ruin the safety of your door it can lessen the appeal your door has on potential buyers. If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon and your door is covered in dents and scratches you should consider a door replacement. With a fresh, clean door your curb appeal will instantly come back making your home that much brighter and better. Adding a new door also gives your home more value.

2.  Rust and Rotting

If your door is rusting and rotting this can be a sign of even more internal damage to your door that you may be unaware of. Depending on the age of your door and the weather that you live in your door can gather rust and mold rather easily. If this is the case you want to replace it almost immediately. A rotting door can be dangerous as it can spread to other areas of the house. This can also lead to an unsound door structurally making it much easier to take down. As you notice the rusting and rotting you will want to have areas around the door checked for your safety as well.

3.  Drafts

Are you stuffing a towel under your door to prevent cold air from coming in during the winter months? While this is not good, it isn’t the end of the world and doesn’t always mean you need a door replacement. It can be a number of reasons for your door to be causing a draft but check the weather stripping first. This is often worn and torn and requires replacement. A weather strip can be purchased at most hardware stores and quickly be replaced. If this doesn’t work check the threshold and see if it can be raised. If none of this works contact a professional and see what else can be done! You’ll be happy to be saving some energy in your home and bringing back some heat too.

4.  Moisture

Often times your doors window comes double-paned. However, as time goes on your door is likely to lose the sealant between those panes creating mold and moisture between the windows. When you begin to see mold and moisture in-between the window panes you want to be sure you change the windows soon. If the moisture and mold spread from the window to the door you will want to do a door replacement rather quickly to prevent it from spreading into the home.

5.  Water or Insect Damage

It is never fun when your exterminator says that there is insect damage to your door. This is news that no one wants to hear considering this leads to an easier pathway for damage to your door and insects to travel through your home. If there is water damage to your door and it is wood you will need a door replacement almost immediately. A door into your home is meant to provide security and safety, but if the door is damaged from water this will lead to rotting wood and then what is the purpose of your door? In both of these situations you will want to replace your door as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage.

If any of these damages above are happening in your home a door replacement will be your best option. At Everlasting Window & Door our door installation process helps to bring security and safety to your home. We provide the best service and the best doors for our customers. Our partners include ThermaTruand Door America. If you need a door replacement from any of the above mentioned or simply want a new door contact us!

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